Monday, August 15, 2011

Kitty Litter Cake

Last month I was invited to a bbq and asked to bring a dessert.  Since I knew there would be lots of kids there, I decided to make this recipe.  I've only made it once before, but as it is so unusal and simple to make, I found that I had no trouble remembering the ingredients.

 Kitty Litter Cake
You will need:
Chocolate cake mix
Package of Chocolate chip cookies
1 box instant pudding
Package of mini twix and or tootsie rolls ( tootsie rolls are more moldable, but I think twix are yummier)
Plastic tub
Plastic Scoop (I got tub and scoop at the dollar store)

1.Prepare one box of chocolate cake mix (follow directions for 9x13 pan) and let cake cool
2.Prepare one box of instant chocolate pudding
3.Crush a package of chocolate chip cookies (not the chewy ones, and a ziplock bag and rolling pin work great for this)

Crumble cake and mix with pudding in large bowl. Spread in tub
Sprinkle cookie crumbs evenly over top.
Mold tootsie rolls or twix bars, roll slightly in crumbs and place in tub.



  1. It also had to be a huge hit with Eddie... :)

  2. it was!! we almost made the jello hand too, but didn't have all the ingredients :)