Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trials and Triumphs of a Dinner Co-op

Week One of our Dinner Co-op is completed, and it was fantastic!  It is a little stressful on your assigned day to cook, trying to make sure everything is ready to deliver by 6pm, and hoping it tastes ok.  Cooking dinner for 8 instead of 2 on a weeknight carries a lot of pressure.  But the other three days of the week, when you open your door to delicious food you didn't have to lift a finger to prepare...those days more than make up for it. 

My night was Tuesday.  I chose a recipe based on the costco sized bag of tilapia that was taking up way too much room in my tiny freezer.  And so I made Fish stew with chipotle aioli, and caesar salad with roasted capers.  Both recipes came from a cookbook titled, Seriously Simple, so they should have been simple.  But they weren't.

  • 1st trip to store: 5pm Monday evening.  Picked up everything except leeks (Note to self: Grocery Outlet does not have an extensive vegetable selection)
  • 2nd trip to store: 7pm Monday evening.  Found leeks.  But could not find wallet.
  • 3rd trip to store: 7:45pm Monday evening. Found leeks and fennel, paid for with money from wallet. Left leeks at store. gave up for the night, went home, drank a glass of wine
  • 4th trip to store: 6:30 am Thursday morning. Bought Leeks, brought home. Made stew.

Monday we had Thai chicken and rice (Amie)
Wednesday we had Turkey stuffing meatloaf, potatoes and herbs, salad and a lemon tart (Julie) 
Today we had Robin Hood roast chicken, roasted vegetables, and a green salad (Trixy)

It was all amazingly delicious.  I can't wait til next week!


  1. I enjoyed reading your experience. :) Were the recipes not simple or the process of shopping? I ask because it made me think of the first time I did a 30 minute Rachel Ray dinner from begining to end. Yeah, it was quick after everything was gathered up but I do believe I had every pot and pan in the house to wash afterwards, and the kitchen was a disaster...

  2. the recipe was simple, just getting the ingredients was complicated!